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Camera Speaks specializes with the design and architectural industry. Our photography is created for Interiors, exteriors, products and their creators. 







Yvette Michele is a Creative Enterprise Branding photographer who merges all of her creative worlds in the quest of telling a story with a photograph. Her approach to photography is an artistic endeavor that compliments her style also as an established award winning visual artist. Photography and fine art became passions for her at an early age. It was in the later of her 30 years of being behind the lens that she literally combined the two passions through staging her art in interior settings.

She is a design enthusiast at heart and naturally blends a passion for interiors and everything about them to showcase a room’s personality and beauty as intended by its designer. She starts with all clients by having a branding conversation for maximizing the use and re-use of photography across all marketing platforms. With this passion she has established herself in the South Florida community as a staging & commercial photographer. Her quest is to deliver more than a standard shot but to capture vignettes and design elements that say hello and welcome home. She has an added focus on the design professional’s portfolio and the realtor’s quest for selling.

Her mantra is to continuously learn and she has value added skill sets in Branding, Service Design, Color Consulting and Project Management. When she is not behind the lens with all things beautiful in design, you are sure to find her practicing her fine art by having a paintbrush in her hand pressed against a canvas.